SEPID DOR SHAYAN salt factory

Shayan salt was founded in 2007. The company is one of the leading salt manufacturers and exporters in Iran.

Our main product is crushed rock salt, sea salt , recrystallized and refined salt. We are able to adjust most of the parameters such as granular size of the crushed rock salt, moisture content, packaging (including private labels), etc., according to our customers’ requests and market demands. Our plants and warehouses covers more than 5000 square meter which are located in Semnan and Isfahan provinces.
Our edible salt is used for flavoring and for preserving food and our industrial grade salt usage is in textile industry, chemical industry, soap, and chlorine manufacturing.

Orange and pink rock salt (halite) mined from the Semnan region of Iran is very similar to Himalayan rock salt from Pakistan. The salt is exported to India as a competitor of Himalayan rock salt since the price of Iranian Pink Rock Salt is very competitive due to the high import taxes of Pakistani salt in India.

(Sepid Dor Shayan Co,ltd (shayan salt factory

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