SEPID DOR SHAYAN salt factory

logo - Sepid Dor ShayanThe Sepid Dor Shayan Company was registered in Tehran in 2007 and started producing and supplying minerals, especially salt. By the grace of God and incessant work, it managed to achieve great successes in the salt industry. Sepid Dor Shayan has used its experiences to produce and export types of industrial salt consistent with domestic and international standards using modern technologies.

Currently, this company owns a production factory in the industrial town of Ivanaki, Semnan province. It is the main partner and investor of the Kimia Garmsar Salt Company in Garmsar’s Fajr industrial town, one of the largest factories producing industrial salt both in terms of expanse and equipment.

Sepid Dor Shayan Objectives

This company’s main objectives consist of supplying goods needed by customers, providing counseling and technical services, helping customers meet the best performance, improving the qualitative level of products, and increasing the volume of exports.

To maintain the high quality of the products at Sepid Dor Shayan, the Quality Control Division of this company is responsible for conducting laboratory tests and control affairs and direct supervision over products. Continued and daily visits, in-production visits, random and unexpected visits of the production line are some of our colleagues’ duties.

Export of Salt at Sepid Dor Shayan

Despite all the obstacles, this company aimed to export different types of salt from the onset and managed to meet the domestic needs and enter the world markets. Sepid Dor Shayan has exported the Iranian salt to over ten countries, including Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Afghanistan, India, and some Arab nations. However, the company has endured many hardships but managed to overcome them with great determination, thereby utilizing maximum capabilities to contribute to non-oil exports development.

Types of Salt for Different Industries

Because salt consumption in each industry is different from another industry, the knowledge of target markets and types of consumption in different industries led this company to utilize all salt mines in the Semnan province to produce industrial salt and supply the products which best meet the needs of the final consumers; thus, providing greater assistance to efficiency.

Communication with Sepid Dor Shayan

To learn about different sectors of this company and receive technical information about the products, you can contact us through the following information or refer to the contact page. It is hoped that you would learn better about your intended products.

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