Промышленная соль   Промышленная соль    Соль Экстра  Соль Экстра   salt for Water treatment and electrolysis  salt for Water treatment and electrolysis  

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Salt factory   

Salt factory

Shayan salt was founded in 2007. The company is one of the leading salt supplier & producer and move around thousand tons of salt per year. We are specialized in the production and processing of sea salt, rock salt, recrystallized and refined salt. We are able to adjust most of the parameters such as production grain size, moisture content, packaging (including private labels), etc., according to our customers’ requests and market demands. Our plants and warehouse covers more than 5000 square meter which are located in Semnan and Isfahan provinces.
The products are used in many different sectors from water treatment, food industrial, Petro-chemical, textile & dyeing, industrial, metal processing, rubber manufacturing, oil & gas drilling, pigment manufacture, ceramics manufacture, soap making, detergent production and so on.

(Sepid Dor Shayan Co,ltd (shayan salt factory

Adress :   Unit 10 , No.392 , WestJanbazan St , Tehran , Iran

 General Manager : Mahmoud Bagherian

2188447402 (98+)  -  2188460703 (98+)  - 2188457023 (98+)  -  2188441995 (98+)  : Tell

2188460703 (98+) Fax

9366711838 (98+)   -  Mobile : (+98) 9121381069

      Email :  iranore@gmail.com


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